What is a Good Conversion Rate for Etsy?

Etsy is a popular e-commerce platform that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. With more sellers joining the platform, the average conversion rate on Etsy has declined. However, it is still possible to achieve a good conversion rate on Etsy, with the average being around 1-3%. Competitive niches such as jewelry and clothing can have a wide range of conversion rates, with bestsellers achieving up to 5%.Increasing your conversion rate can improve the position of your ads in Etsy searches.

To do this, sellers should review their descriptions and labels to ensure they are providing all the necessary information. They should also check their shipping prices and review ratings to ensure they are not deterring customers from buying. Additionally, sellers should optimize their ads with conversion in mind and track their ad statistics to improve their overall conversion rate. A good conversion rate on Etsy is expected to be between 1 and 3%. This number may vary depending on the type of store or product, but a conversion rate of 1 to 3 sales per 100 customers who visit the store is normal on Etsy.

Anything above 3% is considered “high”, although it may seem low for most sellers. Overall, increasing your conversion rate on Etsy can be done by optimizing your ads, providing clear descriptions and labels, and ensuring your shipping prices are reasonable. By following these tips, you can increase your views and improve your search rankings.