How to Fix Low Conversion Rate: A Comprehensive Guide

If your website statistics show a good number of visitors, but your conversion rate is low, it could be due to a variety of reasons. It could be related to an ineffective call to action, a poor user experience, targeting the wrong audience, visitors not being sure what you offer, or the copy not being persuasive enough. The overall conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions you've earned by the total number of views you've had in the period of time you want to see and then multiplying it by 100%. You can also get the conversion rate for a specific campaign, marketing strategy, or keywords, as this will give you a more detailed view of your strategy and help you shape the website for the future and quickly fix the low conversion rate. The average conversion rate is around 2.35%, so most companies are looking at their metrics and seeing that figure.

So, one way to see if your conversion rate is too low is to compare it to the average. Major companies can reach around 5.30% of the conversion rate, but it all depends on the conditions mentioned above. If your statistics haven't yet reached this percentage, you can make it a target. Double your current conversion rate, try to reach the average first and then look for higher percentages. While many marketers are hesitant to include pop-ups with intent to exit because they believe that pop-ups are annoying to customers, the data shows the opposite.

When used effectively, pop-ups can help you see a 5 to 10% increase in conversions. The average e-commerce conversion rate is 1.78%.Let me show you a simple example of this. I give you two options to choose from: one is a secure website and the other is not. Which would you prefer? A website that is difficult to navigate can annoy customers and also cause them to abandon your online store. In research by Clutch, 94% of respondents selected simple website navigation as the most useful feature of a website.

Targeting irrelevant keywords can be one of the main reasons why your e-commerce store gets a lot of traffic. Think of it this way: if you're selling audio products in your e-commerce store and targeting keywords like “mobile accessories” or “laptop accessories”, on average more than half of users actively spend less than 15 seconds on a website. A complicated payment process can become an obstacle for 26% of your customers. This means that if the buying process creates problems for customers, more than a quarter of them may not complete their purchase. You may identify yourself with one or more reasons, and below we'll easily explain how you can increase the conversion rate of your website. The reasons for low conversion rates can be easily fixed and are often basic mistakes that most companies get wrong.

It's the kind of thing where a small change can have a big impact, so sometimes just changing the color of the CTA button can cause the conversion rate to increase exponentially. Targeting the right audience, talking to the right people, and seeing how your conversion rate will start to increase is key. Increasing the conversion rate means that more of your site's traffic is converted into meaningful actions that grow your business, whether that's filling out a form to become a potential customer (for example, requesting a quote for a repair service) or making a purchase.

Common Mistakes That Could Be Affecting Your Conversion Rate

Here are some errors that could be negatively affecting your conversion rate and making it frustratingly low:
  • Typical e-commerce conversions include adding items to a shopping cart, completing a purchase, or saving items for purchase later.
  • Try to make it look less like an advertisement and more like a story with a casual tone that sounds like a conversation.
  • Combine page-level segmentation with offers related to what they've been browsing - this will help correct that low conversion rate in the e-commerce funnel.

Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Never settle for anything; everyone is looking for better ways to increase their conversion rates and generate growth in their business - and so should you! To understand why your conversion rate is low, research what prevents visitors from doing what you want them to do.
  • If you're currently analyzing your statistics and don't understand why your conversation rate is low, list out possible reasons and fix them quickly and easily.
  • Make sure that your offer is right for your audience.
  • Optimize your site progressively.
Every e-commerce store's sales and marketing meetings begin and end with a discussion about conversion rates. If you follow these tips and strategies correctly, you'll be able to increase your website's conversion rate in no time!.