What is the Average Conversion Rate on Etsy?

The average conversion rate for any online store, including Etsy stores, is around 2.61%, according to Monetate. When it comes exclusively to the US market, the average conversion rate is 2 to 3%. The average conversion rate for online stores ranges from 1 to 3%, and successful stores are higher. The average conversion rate is around 2-3%.

I've read that between 1.5 and 3% is average. If you fall below 1%, then you should do something different. Does anyone care to share their conversion rates and what types of items they sell? I have an average of around 3%, sometimes up to 5% in high seasons, such as Christmas, etc. If your conversion rate is lower than 2%, try reviewing some of your descriptions or labels. Is there something missing in your description that's causing buyers to overlook? For example, measurements in inches and cm for all sides of the product or images from all angles.

Do you include close-up images of important details? If it's portable, do you include a photo of someone who models it? Are you targeting the right keywords to attract customers who are ready to buy? Take a look at your statistics to see which keywords work. Is your shipment too high? You may need to transfer a portion of the price of the product. Is your product too low priced? It seems to me that prices that are too low will cost you more sales than prices that are too high. If it's too cheap, buyers will think it's not of quality. You don't have to be the cheapest price.

The average conversion rate on Etsy ranges from 1% to 5%. This varies greatly depending on different product categories, prices, devices, and countries. A high conversion rate is the best proof that your product offers people what they're looking for on Etsy. While the global average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is 2.9% (including a wide range of large online retailers) *, a “good conversion rate on Etsy looks different for each store and varies significantly by category and price”. The store with the highest conversion rate (Store E) earns five times more revenue than the store with the lowest conversion rate (Store A).

The conversion rate is a calculation that indicates what proportion of people buy from you after seeing your product. I sell jewelry with beads and my conversion rate is 7%, which seems low to me, but from what I've read it's an average rate. If your conversion rate is below average, you should work hard to get more sales from people who DO see your items. If the same pattern were maintained, the conversion rates after each sale would be 2.1%, 2.2%, 2.3% and would return to 2% on the 650th visit. Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, has an average conversion rate of 0.9% for mobile traffic and 1.4% for desktop traffic. The difference in statistics, of course, plays an important role in what can be classified as a “GOOD” conversion rate.

The top 20% of Shopify stores have a conversion rate of 2.2% for mobile traffic and 3.3% for desktop traffic. Last year, the four Etsy stores I run had conversion rates that ranged from 1.4% (printable art) to 4.8% (tools for Etsy sellers). By using sales very selectively and moderately, you can actually see some good increases in conversion rates. The conversion rate is very important because, ultimately, it will be the determining factor in where Etsy shows your products in search results. If you can increase the conversion even if it's a small amount, you'll increase the revenue you earn by the same amount of work you do to attract visitors to your store.

I realize that higher-priced items tend to have a lower conversion rate, presumably because people buy more when they make a larger purchase.